Welcome to Cale PPC a Non-profit Organization Against Heroin Addiction

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 9pm
  Contact : +1-262-965-4572

Who We Are

At Cale PPC, we are a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers who understand the need to reach out to heroin addicts. We are a non-profit organization whose aim is to provide education about the negative effects of heroin and also help individuals fight their addiction.


To give fresh hope and inspire a drug-free life for individuals who are going through drug addiction.


Callum Breisford, Ph.D. CEO, President

Dr. Callum Breisford holds a Ph.D. in Public Health, Chemical Dependency, Hypnotherapy, and Neurolinguistic programming and has been trained in group therapy, family counseling, and recovery coaching.

Emiliana Dagheidur, Vice President

Emiliana worked in the Drug and Alcoholism field for about 2 decades before she retired. She is a certified psychologist with training in public health, behavioral health and chemical dependency. She also has sufficient experience in the areas of Substance Use Disorders and Recovery.

Andreas Palander, Recovery Coach

Having grown up in a small town were addiction ran through the community, Andreas has the first-hand experience of what addiction is like, and has been in long-term recovery. Now, a certified peer recovery specialist, he works passionately at CALE PPC to liberate individuals going through addiction.

Steva Marković, Volunteer

Steva has just finished a degree in substance abuse counselling and shows a deep love for advocacy and education, as well as mental health and social issues. She is committed to helping individuals get a better understanding of addiction and recovery, ultimately helping them on the journey.

We are here to build a community where addiction recovery is free from stigma, and scrutiny. One person’s effort can make an impact. But together, we can do much more. You can join our team of volunteers or donate to our noble cause. Together, we can accomplish this goal and help our loved ones get the support that they need.

Thank you.