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What Are The Thoughts And Fears Of People Addicted To Heroin

Planning to get clean can occupy the mind of a heroin addict as much as their desire to obtain the drug. This is because even though the drug is controlling them and they want to get it, they may also be trying to figure out how to get away from it finally. It’s not an easy task and can take a lot of willpower to get out from under the thumb of addiction treatment.

Desire To Get Clean

The way it usually goes it that an addict tries to taper off of the heroin by using less and less each day. The problem is that the body is used to a certain amount of drugs in the system, so they are still craving even after using.

Though they may want to use less of the drug, without proper opioid addiction treatment, they are most likely going end up using drugs the same as before because they can’t resist it.

Even if they do get a bit of help like the chance to replace their drug use with Subutex that just doesn’t always work out for them in the end.

How An Addicts Mind Works

The problem with drugs like Subutex is that they can still be used to achieve a high if that is what is desired. This works if you don’t have a tolerance to that particular drug built up already and then work on it.

Getting clean is great and all and an important thing to want. But the draw of another type of high might be a good reason for a heroin addict to seek out heroin addiction treatment. It’s not great, but it is just the reality of where an addicts mind can be even as they are trying to better themselves.

Using the drug meant to help you get clean to get high doesn’t feel as shameful as using heroin. This is because it’s “okay” and “safe” because it’s not a “bad drug”. That is not the case at all. If you’re chasing the high then you are still not getting the proper care that you need.

Experiencing A Cross-Addiction

It’s possible to use that addiction while also addicted to heroin. This is when it becomes a cross-addiction as it is a good side effect that you can get high off of the drugs meant to help you. Too easily you can end up lying to yourself by saying it is better than heroin and that you aren’t chasing the high you are trying to get clean. It really is not the same thing especially if you end up having precipitated withdrawal.

Ending Up Relapsing

It can be easy to gain a tolerance to this drug meant to help you, and then you end up no longer getting the high you want so you slide right back into using heroin. Hopefully, an addict can decide to get the proper help that they need eventually.