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Heroin Overdose

Heroin is considered to be among the most addictive drug all over the world. Heroin is a deeply addictive and deadly street substance made from the opium poppy. The rate of heroin overdose, drug addictions, injuries, and fatalities has hit the roof in the last decade. This is happening because the individuals who are addicted to prescribed painkillers, such as oxycodone, turn to heroin because they can’t find opioid painkillers anymore.

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Heroin Injection

Heroin Injection: What is the level of damage it can cause?

We live in a society that is overly dismissive of drug users. The criminalization of particular substances, often with good intentions, has unfortunately led to the dehumanization of millions of individuals. The fact is that a lot of these people are helplessly addicted to these substances, and this addiction has many unconsidered risks. One of the riskiest substances that you can get addicted to is heroin.

A primary reason that heroin is so dangerous is the way that users prefer to ingest the drug. The most common way to use heroin is via injection because intravenous ingestion of a substance allows for it to take effect a lot faster. It is said by users to provide you with a better high than alternative methods, such as smoking or snorting the drug. When your drug of choice requires the use of a needle, there are countless risks involved. These risks can vary from the availability of needles to the spread of disease to the best place to inject heroin once the needle is procured. 

Many users will attest to the “bump in a vein on hand” as being the best injection site. However, this is not a sure-fire process for just anyone to attempt. The health risks associated with sticking a needle into yourself without the proper training are quite real and rather unpleasant. This is why some countries have embraced the idea of safe injection facilities. These facilities are staffed with medical professionals and greatly cut down on the risks to a user’s health.   

A benefit of safe injection facilities is that they treat the addiction as a disease rather than a crime. This approach toward intravenous drug use allows for many of the health risks to be addressed if not eliminated entirely. With the provision of clean needles, the facility prevents the spread of diseases such as HIV throughout the user community. Staff can also assist users in the injection of the drug to help curtail issues such as heroin vein damage. 

Vein damage from heroin occurs when the acidity in the drug damages the vein to the point where it no longer functions properly. This makes the vein less effective in the delivery of the substance and is fairly painful. Due to the diminished effect of the drug caused by this issue, users will switch to other parts of their body for injection sites leading to further risk and damage

The countless risks involved in intravenous drug use is often overlooked by a society that has criminalized drugs. However, drug users are human beings that are often suffering from an addiction to the substance that has led to their ostracization. Everyone makes bad decisions in their lives, and unfortunately for these people, their choices have led to a terrible addiction that can cause severe damage to their health. So, before you label these individuals as criminals and dismiss their plight, try to think of all of the damage that their terrible addiction is causing to their bodies. 

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What Are The Thoughts And Fears Of People Addicted To Heroin

Planning to get clean can occupy the mind of a heroin addict as much as their desire to obtain the drug. This is because even though the drug is controlling them and they want to get it, they may also be trying to figure out how to get away from it finally. It’s not an easy task and can take a lot of willpower to get out from under the thumb of addiction treatment.

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Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Abuse


As a powerful drug, heroin can potentially cause substantial havoc on almost every aspect of an individual’s life – physical, mental, and psychological well-being. The slang terms for heroin include horse, smack, and tar. As an opioid, heroin is synthesized from morphine (a natural element of a plant known as opium poppy).

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