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About Cale PPC


Cale PPC was created to help individuals (from all walks of life) suffering from heroin addiction. We have a dedicated team of passionate individuals who are highly committed to ending the shattering effects heroin addiction can bring to those who are engrossed in it.

Science has proven that the excessive use of “substance” is not a character flaw or moral failing; rather it is a chronic brain disease that can be managed using medical treatment. However, the stigma attached to drug addiction makes it difficult for individuals to receive treatment from this havoc-wrecking menace. Statistics have it that only 1 in 10 Americans suffering from substance addiction receive treatment.

The stigma associated with heroin addiction is not helping the public health crisis. This is because individuals suffering from this case feel isolated as a result of stigma, keeping them from coming for treatment or asking for help when they need to.

Heroin is a highly addictive painkiller which comes from poppy plant seeds, thus, is considered as an opiate.

No matter how it is used, heroin is highly addictive and deadly –although it is misconceived that snorting and smoking, instead of injecting can reduce the risks and addiction threats posed by heroin. Statistics have also shown that one out of four people who use heroin for the first time gets addicted. So, abstinence is still the best form of treatment for any drug addiction case.

Some of the sign of addiction include persistent cravings, tolerance to heroin, experiencing withdrawal, continuous use despite evident heroin-related problems as well as attempting and failing to cut down or quit the use of heroin. Prolonged use can cause side effects like itchiness, depression and collapsed veins, with even more severe long-term effects.

While one person can make a difference in the life of individuals suffering from heroin addiction, it is better when individuals come together as a non-profit organization and make a really big difference.