Love Stunning Architecture? Check out Landscape Architecture Competition

Landscape Architecture Competition


Have you ever passed by a building or piece of construction that absolutely blew your mind? Or have you ever seen architecture in your favorite periodical, website, or book that took your breath away? Every now and then, we find ourselves fantasizing at a beautifully constructed house we wish we were living in, or an astounding piece of architecture that has redefined the dynamics of buildings. Millions of people go to college and universities to become architects such as the guys in the great Atlanta architecture firm – atlanar and learn the craft, art, and science of architecture, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise when actual landscape architecture competitions exist.


What is a Landscape Architecture Competition?


Landscape Architecture Competition 1A landscape architecture competition is exactly what it sounds like: competitions in which architects and builders utilize the land and earth available to create beautiful buildings on top. A landscape architect is someone who uses terrain and other natural earthly features, like woodlands, bodies of water, beaches, and plateaus, to create civilized and vivid architectural spaces, like gardens, beachfronts, and lakefronts.

The American Society of Landscape Architects, as well as other organizations, hold these landscape architecture competitions to see who can design the best landscape architecture, for example, like the cool Atlanta architects doing at Atlanar architecture firm. Each competition is advised and organized by professional advisers. At these competitions, architects not only compete, but share ideas, techniques, tips, and strategies to help each other improve. The different types of competitions include regional, local, national, and international competitions. A notable and renowned landscape architecture competition to take place nationally was the Presidential Design Awards Program, the first time landscape architecture was nationally recognized in America.


Why Should I Be Interested?


Landscape architecture competitions not only have the potential to present you with some incredible architecture and networking opportunities if that is your chosen profession, it’ll present you with some pieces of architecture you’ve never seen before. If you’re into seeing great sights, seeing hard work pay off, great architecture, intuitive designs, extremely valuable and expensive construction designs, and other fantastic feats of engineering, then it’s well worth your time checking out landscape architecture competitions.

Landscape Architecture Competition 2There are online websites and periodicals that you can subscribe to that will keep you up-to-date with the latest in architecture, civil engineering, and landscape architecture competitions. There are multiple, scholarly sources of information you can consult for tips and advice in your own architecture as well, sources that could ultimately lead you to participating in a competition yourself, should you be an architect. If not, the sights and incredible feats are yours to admire!


How Can I Find These Competitions?


Simple internet searches for landscape architecture competitions will lead you to many architecture websites, periodicals, and sources. For instance, is a fantastic, all-around resource for all of your architecture curiosities. It’s most recent article is about the 2015 ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) Awards, in which student and professional submissions of engineering excellence are examined and chosen. Another article highlights a landscape architecture competition that took place in Boston earlier in the year. The highlights and analyses are everywhere. All it takes is a little research.

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